iReports: ¿Crear gráficos usando tabulaciones cruzadas de "variables totales"?

Is it possible to use variables ,that are defined in crosstab like total measure variables etc in the formation of charts in iReports...

Like I need chart of percentage of certain measure which in crosstab I calculated using total variable. How to do that ??

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As per my understanding for reporting with iReports, it is not possible to use those variables that are defined in the crosstab in charts. Crosstab is a seperated component from charts. All the variable that are defined in the crosstab are defined in the scope of the Crosstab only.

For this fix I have to modify by query. Now they are somewhat complex I have used Common table expressions to get all the desired fields in my query only and used them directly in the iReports charts.

Espero que esto ayude..

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