No se puede mostrar un formulario - Codeigniter

I was trying out the tutorial on this link to create a form :

But when I type in the url(after creating the files of form.php, formsuccess.php y myform.php) localhost/codeigniter/index.php/form, I get the error of 404 Page Not Found.

I am new to Codeigniter. Can someone help me figure out the error ? Thanks and Regards.

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Can u add your application directory structure? -

u mean to say the path of my files ? -

Yes. You should have files codeigniter/application/controllers/form.php codeigniter/application/views/formsuccess.php codeigniter/application/views/myform.php -

yeah .. the path is E:\WEB D\xampp\htdocs\codeigniter\application\controllers\form.php .. and likewise -

Did you try renaming the file to Form.php? -

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Codeigniter is an MVC framework so url hierarchy is processed a little different.

Can you access localhost/codeigniter/index.php?

No: Do you have the correct .htaccess files in place?

Yes: In your controller folder, do you have a file named Form.php with the following code:

class Form extends CI_Controller {
    function index() {


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yeah .. in my controller folder .. i have the file named form.php with the contents as mentioned by you .. - kamalbhai

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