Alineación de texto de botón de radio en android

In my application i am showing a radiobutton group. The button appearing on the left side of the text. I want the text to be on the left side of the button. Please note that i am using the anandroid:text="My Text" to specify the reason of the button.

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<TextView android:layout_width="20dp"
    android:layout_height="20dp" /> 

You can also use textview to place radio button. But don't use android:text="My Text" for Radio Button

Respondido 31 Jul 12, 09:07

Yes i want to display the text on the left side - Kamalone

then is this answer help you? - ramkiran pachigolla

how this is aligning in your layout? - ramkiran pachigolla

RadioButton is on left side and follows the text - Kamalone

you need to display in reverse order? - ramkiran pachigolla

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