invalid encoding in marshaling stream: I"◄co OR [I"co]

I have problem while coding in Jruby on Aptana framework; when I run the rails server, it throws "Invalid encoding in marshalling stream" which I don't know how to solve?

It throws an error on "<%=stylesheet_link_tag%> and <%=javascript_include_tag%>" here I give an piece of code, please help for solving this issue:

<title><%=content_for?(:title)?yield(:title) : "MyApp"%></title>

 <meta name="description" content="">

 <meta name="author" content="">

 <%=stylesheet_link_tag "application", :media => "all"%>

 <%=javascript_include_tag "application"%>



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intenta correr rake tmp:clear it's choking on MRI files -- This is a duplicate of this question Windows - JRuby on Rails - ActionView::Template::Error de codificación no válida

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