Checking bounce rate on auth dialog

I know there used to be a way to check the bounce rate of users who opened the Auth dialog on a website with Facebook Connect and then canceled without authorizing. This seems to have moved from the App Insights. Is this still available, and if so, where can one find it?

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Insights -> Users -> Growth? (not sure about the last one, „Wachstum“ in German, but that means growth) -

@CBroe If you have access to a dashboard, maybe post a quick screen shot or add your comment as an answer (just to make it easier for other people to find)? -

Good suggestion, Ricardo! Done that (and switched my FB language to English first, so that it is probably more useful for the majority of users). -

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You can find information on how many users clicked through your Auth dialog in the app dashboard under Insights -> Users -> Growth, as shown in this screenshot:

Screenshot of app dashboard showing Insights -> Users -> Growth panel

There you can also see which kind of permissions combinations where asked for and accepted by how many users – it has stats for Impressions total, CTR, Total Accepts (further down the page, not shown in screenshot).

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