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Hopefully a simple one - I'm trying to embed my Youtube channel (not a specific video, which is what all existing answers are aimed at, it seems) in a Fancybox. The popup appears fine, but due to Youtube's


... the content isn't displaying. I've included the origin parameter in the URL, but I still get denied due to the above. I'm probably just using the wrong syntax for channels or similar: could anyone help? The URL I'm using (without success) is below (actual channel/domain substituted):

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Funciona bien para mí

Respondido 31 Jul 12, 10:07

Hmmm, yes, it does for me too (within jsfiddle). Curiouser and curiouser. I guess the problem is not where I thought it was! Thank you. - user1381745

btw, maybe you are using media helper? it seems not to work, I`ll update the regexp - Janis

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