Rieles + nginx: trabajen juntos

I installed passenger, nginx (1.2.1) and Rails 3.2.3. However I keep using WebBrick as a server for Rails because I can't figure out how to make them work together. In other words, how to run a website, I'm working on, on nginx.

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Are you looking for a development environment solution or a production one? -

nginx + passenger is a great server side production environment solution. For development, you dont need the overhead of 2 servers (nginx+passenger). You could include "unicorn"/"puma"/"thin" in your Gemfile in the development group and then run "rails s thin" to get a better server than webrick in your development environment. -

yes, Nginx+Unicorn gist.github.com/3052776 -

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There are several solutions on the web includin nginx and thin which is a good combination. Here is one that worked for me:


Also one very good but in german (of cause code is still correct):


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