¿Cómo descifrar el valor de retorno de hora "-1072875847" devuelto por una función COM?

I am using VC++. the hr return value returned by a COM function is "-1072875847". Can anyone kindly let me know how to decipher the hr values to their actual meaning. specifically What does "-1072875847" stand for ?

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looks kind of like an integer-overflow even though the number does not fit any bit-number I know. what were you doing, expecting? -

The Visual Studio debugger does a reasonable job of interpreting HRESULT codes for you. Something to consider in future. -

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los codigos son HRESULT values and are better read in hex. This one is 0xC00D36B9, which is Media Foundation Error "An object ran out of media types to suggest therefore the requested chain of streaming objects cannot be completed." (MF_E_NO_MORE_TYPES).

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Thank you for the quick help. But can you plz let me know how did you map the hex error code "0xC00D36B9' to be a Media foundation error? How did u figure out this is MF_E_NO_MORE_TYPES ? It would be very helpful if u also let me know the procedure?? Thanks. - codelover

Esto debería funcionar,

std::cout << "Error: " << std::hex << hrStatus << std::endl; 

And you need to go to the header file mferror.h and search for it. Or google it. Good luck

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