¿Podemos verificar quién eliminó qué de SQL Server 2008?

Someone deleted few rows off a very important table in SQL Server 2008 few weeks back, I wonder if I can check log or something, or if I can recover the rows.


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You'd most likely need a tool for reading the log if you want to make sense of it. apexsql.com/sql_tools_log.aspx may do it for you, there seems to be an eval version on the site. -

If the data is that important, why do they have the permissions to delete it? -

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You can recover the records if you have backups of some kind. If you where logging every action then you should be able to check it out.

Y, finalmente, este enlace is questioning exactly about same issue. On comments to that questions you can find this other link on how to read transaction logs

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Complementing the previous answer, an easiest way for "next time" that this happens would be to enable CDC to track changes on your tables.

Aquí is a very good article

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