AGVTool new-version y what-version no se corresponden

Cuando lo hago:

agvtool new-version -all 99

It updates my Info.plist file. However, if I do this:

agvtool what-version


agvtool next-version

Me sale este error:

There does not seem to be a CURRENT_PROJECT_VERSION key set for this project.
Add this key to your target's expert build settings.

Why does this not correspond. Do I have to use the plist command line tool in order to retrieve the current version of my app. Curiously agvtool what-marketing-version works fine. Ironically agvtool does not seem to have a version itself ;-)

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I've had no end of problems using agvtool. yo suelo Plistbuddy instead, with great success. See:… -

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este enlace me funciono Technical Q&A QA1827 Automating Version and Build Numbers Using agvtool

From the link is the following. This help resolve the issue when I started using the agvtool.

  1. Enable agvtool.

Navigate to the Build Settings pane of your target, then update it for all your build configurations.

Set Current Project Version to a value of your choosing. I set my to 1

Establezca Sistema de control de versiones en Genérico de Apple.

Por defecto, Xcode no utiliza ningún sistema de control de versiones. Establecer Versioning System en Apple Generic garantiza que Xcode incluirá toda la información de versión generada por agvtool en su proyecto.

  1. Set up your version and build numbers.

agvtool searches your application’s Info.plist for your version and build numbers. It updates them if they exist and does nothing, otherwise. Make sure that the CFBundleVersion (Bundle version) and CFBundleShortVersionString (Bundle versions string, short) keys exist in your Info.plist

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Just don't go down this path if you expect to use agvtool as part of a Run Script build phase to automatically increment build numbers on every build or archive. This will silently cancel the build because agvtool alters the project file. Hope I saved someone 10 minutes there. - adam eberbach

@AdamEberbach you just saved me possibly HOURS AND HOURS. thank you. - Travis Beck

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