Mysql: ¿seleccionar filas que no coinciden con un rango de fechas?

I have a table in mysql that holds a start and end date field. What I need to do is query this table to find all rows that do not match the date Im searching by. How would I do that? So if I used todays date and queried this table with it then I need to find all rows that this date does not fall between the start and end date in the table. Hope that makes sense!

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Puedes usar BETWEEN clause to filter records based on date range and to exclude that date range you can use NOT cláusula como:

FROM my_table 
WHERE search_date NOT BETWEEN start_date AND end_date;

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Select *
from table
where [todaysdate]<datestart
or [todaysdate]>dateend

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To select range you normally use BETWEEN, and if you want to exclude those values, you can simply use NOT BETWEEN.

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Una variante más:

select id, start_date, end_date 
from my_table 
where end_date < CAST('2012-01-01' AS DATE) 
or start_date > CAST('2012-12-31' AS DATE)

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