Cómo cambiar la orientación de la pantalla de otra aplicación

Is it possible to set the screen orientation of an activity of a different application?

My app invokes other apps in the device. It uses android:Orientation="sensor" in all the activities. If auto rotation is disabled and I use my app in landscape, the other apps that are invoked from my app don't take the orientation as that of mine. How can I do this?

I tried changing the system settings using

Settings.System.putInt(resolver, Settings.System.ACCELEROMETER_ROTATION,1);

But this could change the overall system in case of crash of my app before turning it off, so I don't want this.

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I think it's impossible at the moment. It's my experience, I don't have any link to documentation. -

@Anh3Saigon: I do think it is possible.An app called 'Set Orientation' (play.google.com/store/apps/…) does exactly that.It presets the screen orientation of the android device.So if the user selects the mode as 'landscape',then all the apps will open in the landscape mode. -

@Ramyavjr: Were you able to find the soln? Even I want to achieve the same. -

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used these in android manifext.xml under activity



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