Para probar si la cuenta de gmail existe o no

I want to login using gmail in my app is it possible to test whether the given gmail a/c exists or not programmatically in objective c.

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Ejecute estos comandos:

telnet 25
mail from: <> //can be any made up email
rcpt to: <> //the email of the user you want to check

Please note you must include the greater and less than or equal to signs.

If you get OK followed by a string returned, the email is valid. Anything else, and an error will have been returned (ergo, the email is invalid).

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Good answer. OP, bear in mind that this should work for one address, but if you test multiple addresses in quick succession, you'd be liable to be blocked by GMail. - la mitad

i didn't get where i need to run these commands @jacktheripper. - Sandy_ios

Run them in Terminal if you're on a mac. These commands should be universal to the command prompt of any UNIX system. - Jack el destripador

But i want to test this through my iphone app not on mac - Sandy_ios

There should be a telnet library available in iOS. - la mitad

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