QML no se carga

I am a beginner to QML, just wanted to test the Hello WOrld program with it. It fails:

/home/saman# /home/saman/QtSDK/Simulator/Qt/gcc/bin/qmlviewer
Qml debugging is enabled. Only use this in a safe environment!
Cannot find any Simulator supporting Qt version

I need to know how to solve it.

preguntado el 31 de julio de 12 a las 11:07

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It looks like you have not installed the Qt-SDK properly. Try to follow the installation instructions that came with the SDK or install it through your distributions package manager.

Respondido 31 Jul 12, 12:07

Try installing SDK (Qtcreator & Qt Kit) from https://download.qt.io/archive/qt/5.0/5.0.0/ (download required version depending on the platform you are working). This would inturn contain samples & demos which will work flawlessly.

¡Te deseo lo mejor!

respondido 04 mar '16, 14:03

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