mouseClick AS3 ignorar un clip de película

Is there a way in AS3 to make a the mouse ignore a certain movieclip? I need it to be on top of the other movieclips (due to transparancy effects), but have it in a way that allows clicking on the movieclips underneath it. I know about ".mouseChildren = false", but that only makes all the stuff inside that movieclip unclickable, but it still functions as a "barrier" on top of all the others buttons.

Is there a way to do this, or do I need to remove it completely ?

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mv.mouseEnabled = false; mv.mouseChildren = false; -

Thank you, that does it. Please do a Answer and I'll accept it. :D -

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Necesitas configurar ambos .mouseChildren y .mouseEnabled to false before you can click on objects behind the MovieClip. This makes the mouse ignore the objects within the MovieClip and the MovieClip itself.


EDIT: Oops, didn't see that comment by Alex, sorry.

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