¿La forma más fácil de generar un gráfico en un lado del servidor de imágenes (para incrustarlo en PDF)?

Estoy utilizando Highcharts.js to generate nice looking charts, I am trying get these charts embedded into a PDF, so would need the process to generate the chart into an image done server side.

Can anyone suggest the simplest method ideally without any need for the command line?

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And highsoft has a topic dedicated to that question -

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You can use JpGraph to generate graphs with PHP and save as an image: http://jpgraph.net/

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Decided to use jpGraph in the end using the table formatter option which generates a graph from a HTML table. - Zabs

You can generate PDFs or any other office format (PDF, ODT...) including charts of any king with Docxpresso API. The API allow you to generate the document and the chart in one shot. You don´t need to generate the chart and then integrate it in the document. The API is free to use for non comercial use and you can install it in any server using PHP. http://docxpresso.com/files/html52pdf.zip

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