el administrador de SDK de Android no muestra ninguna actualización

When I first ran SDK manager it had loads of options to download, I installed API 15 and 10, I need the support package installed to start a new project and the only thing that shows up now are the currently installed packages. Nothing new shows up. I'm using repository 7. Any ideas?

My main concern is that after updating I can't start a new project because I'm missing the android support libraries, I can't get the support libraries because the downloader won't update the list.

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Sometime it does not show up instantly, you need to wait by the time all the new updates is shown to be installed. -

It says done loading packages pretty quickly, I'll see what happens. -

No luck, it never changes the list, just shows the installed packages. -

Do you have the Checkbox checked that says Updates/New and not just the one that says Installed? -

Yep, I even unchecked installed. I'm thinking its maybe the wrong URL but it doesn't error out. -

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I had the same problem, found the solution here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/android-developers/wp8FFGmsgAQ

Borre su caché y vuelva a cargar. El botón de borrado de caché está en Herramientas > Opciones en el Administrador de SDK, y la recarga es Paquetes > Recargar en el Administrador de SDK.

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I still have problem and new SDK won't shown. my eclips version is Version: 3.7.2 - Mahdi

Try quitting Eclipse and then opening the SDK Manager directly. This worked for me.

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it ended up being the https url, though I never got an error saying it couldn't connect. I changed it to http and it's fine. - Jason

Go to "Tools > Options" and set up the Proxy Settings. Hope it helps

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Can you give more details in what the settings should be? - cierva coralina

You have to ask you network administrator. Usually it's a server in your internal network. Good luck! - Anzor Asadov

es el problema al que nos enfrentamos muchas veces durante los eclipses.
to solve this problem you need to Clear your cache and reload. just follow below given step

abrir el administrador de AVD

El botón de borrar caché se encuentra en Herramientas> Opciones.
y la recarga es Paquetes> Recargar en SDK Manager.
También se selló la primera casilla de verificación en otra categoría que obliga a https en lugar de http.
reiniciar AVD y Eclipse

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Trate de Restart Adb Server, that's how I've made that.

If using VS2015, it could be found under "Tools -> Android" menu.

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