La mejor solución para personalizar los controles de página en función de algunos roles y configuraciones

I have several pages in each with lots of controls. I Also have some roles in my application that each has some setting options. Now I want to prepare my page based on these settings. Maybe it’s not too clear, so please take a look at my example.

Example: There are some buttons, some textboxes, some datetime picker, and a chart in a page, now what I want is when a user sees this page, the controls appear and disappear based on the users role. An important thing is that I don’t want to have only visible and invisible controls, in some scenarios I need to show controls with some customizations. For example change chart data source, limit selecting date time and so on.

The first solution that I can think of, is saving the settings in database and after visiting the page by user, the settings fetch from database and based on those, I can customize the controls with conditional phrases (if and else). But I suppose it is not a good approach and my page will get very messy.

Please help me with any better solutions and if you know good references about it, please let me know.

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Take a look at the webpart and webpartmanager classes. -

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Please see this link...use of ControlAdapters te puede ayudar...

Habilitación / deshabilitación de controles basada en roles en

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You must use Thread.CurrentPrincipal.

A. When user login to your application, you attach his identity to thread, for example

string[] rolesArray = .....; //Get roles from dataBase by identity.
Thread.CurrentPrincipal = new YourCustomPrincipal(new YourCustomIdentity("YouName", "..."), rolesArray);

B. And when you navige about your application you test Thread.CurrentPrincipal

IPrincipal threadPrincipal = Thread.CurrentPrincipal;
  //Adjust your control

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