Ejecutando archivo python a través de JSP

I am creating a simple web page which reads from the database and display on the browser. I have a python script which reads from a file and updates the database for the changes made in the file. I want to add a button in my webpage which executes this python file and display the updated information on the webpage.

Is there a way to link the execution of the python file to the button present on the webpage.

Any suggestions or reference is highly appreciated.

Gracias de antemano.


I went through a couple of reference but those were not of much help. I am not using jython or any other application that supports both java and python. Is there a way to do it without using any other application.

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Have you resolved this query? I have same requirement and I am stuck with it, Could you give me some reference for the same? -

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The way to do this is the same way you would do it normally in Java.


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