Las mejores opciones para la animación en TRES.JS

What is the best options for animations (texture animations, moving objects, hiding/showing object,...) in three.js ? Do you use extra lib. such as tween.js or something else ? Thanks.

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Tween.js is the popular way to go... check the article at:

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Thanks. And for texture animation is best options this ?… - suelo

Well, I'm biased because I wrote that myself. There might be a better way using Sprites and uvOffsets, but the code you are referring to works fine for me -- for the live demo look at: - Stemkoski

And when I will use ParticleSystem with texture.offset ? It is simplest than Sprite ? Or THREE.Sprite and THREE.Particle System is the same for performance? I mean that Sprite have many useless options for me. - suelo

Many agree that you need RequestAnimationFrame to manage browser performance. Three.js even includes a cross-browser shim for it.

Yo tambien recomendaria Marco.js for managing timeline-based renders. RequestAnimationFrame does a great job, but only maintains a minimum frame-rate based on the performance of the browser. Better flow control libraries like Frame offer the ability to have a maximum frame-rate, and better manage multiple intensive operations.

También, trabaja para Javascript FSM has become an essential part of my three.js applications. Whether you are building a UI or a Game, the objects have to have states, and careful management of transitioning animations and rules are essential for any complex application logic.

And yes, you need an easing library. I often use the jQuery.easing plugin. It is a plugin for jQuery.animate, but the easing functions can also be accessed like this:

var x = {}; // an empty object (used when called by jQuery, but not us)
var t = currentTime;
var b = beginningValue;
var c = potentialChangeInValue;
var d = durationOfAnimation;
valueAtTime = jQuery.easing.easeOutExpo(x, t, b, c, d);

This jQuery plugin, and most easing plugins are based on Robert Penner's ActionScript2 easing library, which is worth checking out if the t,b,c,d thing above looks strange.

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Since version r48 (I think) three.js includes RequestAnimationFrame in core. Thankss I see plugins for that. - suelo

small roundup in 2017: check out this simple timeline-lib which can easily trigger the above mentioned FSM (statebased anim) & tween.js (smooth anim):


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Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. Any other alternatives or is it the best one? - Adrián Moisa

Copia y pega esto:

window.requestAnimFrame = (function(){
  return  window.requestAnimationFrame       ||
          window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame ||
          window.mozRequestAnimationFrame    ||
          window.oRequestAnimationFrame      ||
          window.msRequestAnimationFrame     ||
          function( callback ){
            window.setTimeout(callback, 1000 / 60);

(function animloop(){

function render()

The original author is:

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I made this to emulate orbiting with human characteristics (jerky) but it can be used for other animations like object translations, positions and rotations.

function twController(node,prop,arr,dur){
    var obj,first,second,xyz,i,v,tween,html,prev,starter;
            case "camera": obj = camera; break;
            default: obj = scene.getObjectByName(node);
    xyz = "x,y,z".split(",");
        first = obj[prop];
        second = {};
            second[xyz[i]] = v;
        tween = new TWEEN.Tween(first)
        .to(second, dur)
                obj[prop][xyz[i]] = first[xyz[i]];
            html = [];
        if(i >0){
            starter = tween;
        prev = tween;

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