Bloquear Ctrl+Atl+Borrar Windows 7

Como bloquear Ctrl+otro+Borrar key combination on Windows 7 with Delphi or anyway

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You can check this... -

@Whiler That just controls what options Windows offers you when you press CTRL+ALT+DEL. -

You don't Block Ctrl+Alt+Delete. -

I haven't tried (and I don't plan to...). Does someone know what happens if all options are removed? (does it still display sth.?) -

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You cannot do this. The Secuencia de atención segura (the official Windows name for CTRL+ALT+DEL) is handled in kernel mode and it would be a humungous security hole if user mode apps were able to change what happens when the user sends the SAS.

Respondido 31 Jul 12, 13:07

I'm not sure about NT6 but in NT5 (Win2k, WinXP) there is nothing special about Ctrl+Alt+Del other than that it was registered as a global hotkey (via RegisterHotKey()) by the SAS window in winlogon.exe, which is a user-mode process. You could easily intercept it once you injected your code into that process. - moritz-beutel

Sure, when WinLogon still used GINA DLLs to process SAS notifications. That went away in Windows Vista. - Rémy Lebeau

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