Validación de ID de cliente de Soundcloud API (PHP)

This might be a very simple answer, but I am unfamiiar with the Soundcloud API, so any help would be appreciated.

I am trying to access the Soundcloud API with PHP to access user details. I have obtained a soundcloud CLIENT_ID by activating my app through my personal soundcloud account, but it doesn't seem to work when accessing other public users information.

Does the CLIENT_ID change per user?

Does the app need to be validated/accepted by every user in order to access information such as song list, etc... (or can it be validated once) ?

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Los programas CLIENT_ID identifies your application. Requests that include a CLIENT_ID can read any public information. A subset of user information is available with just a CLIENT_ID. Por ejemplo, el URI:

Will return the following JSON:

  id: 12840173
  kind: user
  permalink: paultest
  username: paultest
  country: Canada
  full_name: Paul Osman
  description: null
  city: Toronto
  discogs_name: null
  myspace_name: null
  website: null
  website_title: null
  online: true
  track_count: 17
  playlist_count: 4
  public_favorites_count: 1
  followers_count: 1
  followings_count: 1

In order to access non-public information (e.g. private tracks, account plan, etc) you must have the user authorize your application. For more information on our OAuth implementation, see the documentation for authorizing server-side web applications.

Espero que ayude!

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