¿Cómo crear una nueva función en Ocean?

I am using Ocean 2010.2 and I cannot create a new function with CreateFunction method. It says, that "it does not exist in the current context". Any help will be highly appreciated!

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It would be good if you added some code example on how you try to create your function. For now I can propose that your didn't add necessary Petrel assemblies to your project.

Here is my example of creating function:

Collection SimpColl = Collection.NullObject;
Function SimpFunction = Function.NullObject;
// Do not forget to use transactions
using (ITransaction trans = DataManager.NewTransaction())
    // Use current project to create collection
    // that will contain your function
    SimpColl = PetrelProject.PrimaryProject.CreateCollection("Simple collection");

using (ITransaction trans = DataManager.NewTransaction())
    // Create your function in your newly created collection
    SimpFunction = SimpColl.CreateFunction("Simple Function");

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The CreateFunction method can be called for the Slb.Ocean.Petrel.DomainObject.Analysis.AnalysisRoot, Slb.Ocean.Petrel.DomainObject.Seismic.InterpretationCollection and Slb.Ocean.Petrel.DomainObject.Collection objects. Pattern is the same in all cases. But your message doesn't look as an Ocean error, but it looks as a generic VS message. The common reason for messages like this is usually if: the declaration of object and the usage of object are located in two different isolated blocks of code and not visible to each other.

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