Almacene las preferencias del usuario en una aplicación WebWorks HTML5

I'm developing a HTML5 Webworks application for Blackberry OS 5+.

I have to store user name, password and locale. However, I don't know how.

I could use local store, but it is only available on Blackberry OS 6+.

Someone suggested me that I can write my own plugin, but I don't know how to do it.

How can I store user name, password and language on Blackberry OS 5+?

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Use that link and maybe save to a file and read from a file? Its a shame you cant use local storage it would work great. What OS is it your using?

Thought this might be handy for you to read:

I've used it a few times and seems to work...

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I want to develop it to Blackberry OS 5 or greater. - Furgonetas Fannel

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