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Estoy buscando un APNG encoder in native c#, that does not rely on c/c++ libraries. So far I have only found a few readers and I'd like to avoid writing that library myself if possible.

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¿Encontraste alguna solución? -

@Robert Unfortunately not. I ended up writing it myself. -

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Aquí is an APNG viewer/parser article with source code on CodeProject. It might give you what you need.

On Github, there is este APNG parser.

Otherwise, if you give up on finding a native C# library, aquí is a complete C/C++ toolkit including a C# wrapper.

Respondido 31 Jul 12, 15:07

I've coded a C# PNG coder (pngCs) and lately I've evaluating adding APNG support to it, but, after reading the spec, I doubt I will try it - I really don't like the APNG approach. But the source code is available, it could be a starting point for writing your own APNG coder.

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