Agregar / al final de la URL lleva al usuario a una página aleatoria y en otras páginas elimina las imágenes

I'm working on a site here:

Now if you add a / to the end of the URL the images vanish, this means I cannot place Google adwords tracking code on the end of any URL's:

It takes you to a totally different page, this is the one it is supposed to show:

Even if you only put a / at the end it takes you to another page!

Any one see this before, any fixes?

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Can you give an example (by providing before and after URL's) of when a URL goes to a random page when you add a trailing slash? -

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Because your website URL ends with .aspx y no .html, no necesitas el / antes de ?utm_source and the rest of the code.

La eliminación de la / in all of the tracking codes would fix your problem.

Respecto al hecho de que / in the end of your website URL (trailing slash) causes the images in your site to disappear, read this:

A trailing slash should not be added to a URL with a file extension (i.e. one should not use ).

Beyond the root path, it is arguable if a trailing slash should be added to URLs without extensions. If trailing slashes are are added for a site, the site needs to take into account the scenarios when trailing slashes are not provided by users or referrers, and the site needs to perform a 301 redirect to the appropriate URL.

When you append a slash at the end of any aspx page it does not generate 404 but rather displays the same page without any CSS or images in it because IIS treats the file as a folder rather than as a page.

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