Nombres de archivo de imagen con espacios en blanco

I get an array of image URL by php scanning image folders. Some of the image file names have white space. The part after white space got lost. for example: This file is fine:

This file will lost the part sky.png sky.png

My code for scanning the folder has nothing to do with checking or manipulating file names. How can I get the full name of blue sky.png without rename it to blue-sky.png?

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Publique el código que está utilizando. -

Puede agregar un urlencode line in your code for scanning the folder to take care of that issue. -

Usar glob I can't reproduce what you're saying. Please post your code -

sorry for response late, I had power failure due to storm here after posting question. Thanks helping! -

after apply urlencode($url), the url can't find my files. str_replace %20 solved the problem. -

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Space in url encoding are represented with the string "%20" so you may want to use str_replace to replace every instance of the " " character to the character "%20"

echo str_replace(' ', '%20', ' sky.png');


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Also, I never used it myself, but I would take a look at the php function códigourlen if I were you, it may contains useful information

Note : Url encode will transform every characters that is not standard of the string (so you may want to only use urlencode on the string that is your image name)

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I encountered this problem but after experimenting with the answers above I realised that the real problem was that I had written my html link without the inverted commas - typically browsers are tolerant of this, but not if spaces are present. i.e I had coded something like
a href=../folder/blue sky.png
en lugar de
a href="../folder/blue sky.png"
With the correct syntax spaces in the address do not cause problems

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This also prevents saving of downloaded files with names like blue%20sky.png, hence should be the proper solution. - Guney Ozsan

You may use regex.


$file_name = " sky.png";
$file_name2 = preg_replace("/ /", "-", $file_name);
echo $file_name2; //echos

espero que esto ayude...

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