MySQL Parent details if it is a child account

I have a table with data like the following

id    name      created         parent
1     Alpha     11385209583     0
2     Bravo     11385209619     0
3     Bravo-A   11385209701     2
4     Bravo-B   11385209777     2

such that Bravo-A and Bravo-B are children of Bravo.

There is another table with email addresses in it (accounts a JOIN emails e ON = e.account_id), but only parent accounts have emails. That is to say, Bravo-A's email is Bravo's.

If I have the number, is it possible to write a query that would give me the field for the correct account (where account_id = 1 when id is 1, account_id = 2 when id is 2, 3, or 4)?

(My apologies if this is a little verbose or not to the point, I was having trouble verbalizing it!)

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So you want to return Bravo's email if id = 3? -

Can only nivel superior accounts have e-mails, or all con el futuro bebé accounts (for example, if Bravo-B got some children, could it then have an e-mail)? -

@XavierHolt i think that's the OP want, the parent's email address is also the child's email address -

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Why not join acount's parent columna al email?

SELECT  a.*, 
        e.emailadd as parentEAdd, 
        COALESCE(b.emailadd,'') as ChildEAdd -- can contain null values when 
                                             -- parentID is 0
FROM    `accounts` a 
             INNER JOIN `emails` e 
                  ON = e.account_id
             LEFT JOIN `emails` b
                  ON a.parent = b.account_id

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The easiest way is to put another field in accounts table (say "mail_id"), store each email's id there and do joins based on that field. That way the childs may have the same or different mails if you want

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Answered it myself!

FROM account a 
         INNER JOIN emails.e 
              ON e.account_id = IF(a.parent <> 0, a.parent,

The thing I find with SQL is that there is always a more elegant way!

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