Can I edit Mvc cshtml after publish?

Is it possible to edit the .cshtml files after publish or are there any draw backs?

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Yes, you can edit the .cshtml file after you publish it.

Yes, there are drawbacks.

  • If you edit on the production server, you are bypassing QA
  • You are not going through a proper build cycle
  • You must integrate this change into version control

I strongly recommend adhering to a cycle

  • Código
  • Prueba unitaria
  • Conectar
  • Publish / Deploy to QA
  • Test in QA
  • Go back to "Code" as needed
  • Publish / Deploy to PROD
  • If something breaks, go back to "Code"

Use a version control system that supports branching and tagging to make that cycle much easier.

Even if "QA" is a VM on your development server and you put on the "QA" hat, I would not skip that step.

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But not if you compile before runtime, ¿correcto? - ruffin

Drawbacks aside, how would you do this? - Jacob M.

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