Dibujar gráficos ALA Graphviz en QT a través de PyQt4 [cerrado]

I need to draw Concept networks(nodes - edges - nodes can have text properties) from a data model and have it layed out nicely (using QT). I already have experience with graphviz, but i'm willing to learn something else if it works outa-da-box. What are my options ? I know I could generate a image and then draw that via a QLabel somehow. However, I am hoping there is a nice integrated API available that simplifies this ?

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You can implement a fully interactive graph with QGraphicsView. That will probably be preferable than a static image in a QLabel. Qt has un ejemplo for this particular case. You can build on it. PyQt version comes with installation inside examples/graphicsview.

Though, I don't know any ready-made widgets/api that works with graphviz.

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Sounds like what I might be looking for +1 - hassan syed

I have made a library of Qt extension widgets - one of which is a node graph. You are able to fully define how to draw your nodes for custom looks, or can control generically via member methods. Feel free to have a look and use.

To get a feel for its look, the Orbiter application uses it to build database ORM graphs. Thats the only example at the moment - but I am planning to get more docs up in the next couple of weeks.

You can see the Orbiter app here:


The specific class is non-application specific and is called XNodeWidget, here's the beginning docs:


And information on how to get the library can be found here:


Lemme know if that works out!

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That looks promising. I will surely look through the API. - hassan syed

Otra opción podría ser utilizar networkx. It allows to create your graph, layout it and draw it (either using matplotlib or graphviz)

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