Probar si un cron es ejecutado solo por el servidor [duplicado]

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En php, ¿cómo detectar la ejecución es desde el modo CLI o mediante el navegador?

How to test if a cron is executed only by the server

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As opposed to being executed by what else? -

by accessing the file with the url : -

Is cron supposed to execute it directly from the shell, or by requesting it via http, like via wget? -

i set up the cron with crontab -e, but the file can be accessed via the website -

Why not set up that (presumably private) script on a different virtual host that's not listening on any external interface? -

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Cron will never put anything on the display unless you use something like 'wall' in your cron script.

Are you redirecting your output to a log file or anything?

What you can do is to add a line at the bottom of the script you are executing in the cron; that does something like:

date +"%D %r `echo Cron completed`" >> /tmp/cron_job.log

Entonces podrías comprobar

cat /tmp/cron_job.log

and it would tell you when it finished.

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