Necesita ayuda para implementar la grabación de audio en la aplicación Rails

I want to integrate audio recording functionality in rails 3 application, where user can able record their voice and to share it, I don't know the way to proceed this.

I googled and found that red5 with flash player is the solution for this,but I didn't find any tutorials to integrate red5 and flash, can anybody suggest me any tutorials or some other ways to implement this since I am pretty noob at this.

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There are sample applications in every red5 distribution. You might simply install a Red5 version on your local machine and run the web-installer to get the demo applications. Try out the "olfaDemo", this is a recording application.

You will be required to code a minimum in ActionScript3. The sample applications are all done with plain ActionScript3 and/or Flex. So you either need Adobe Flash CS or Flex Builder. You might also try with OpenLaszlo.

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