No se puede obtener una imagen de tipo grande para múltiples ID de objetos de Facebook Graph API

I just can't figure it out, i am using Facebook graph API to fetch data, lets say i have a multiple Facebook objects and i want their picture in type=large... I saw some posts like this one ¿Cómo enmascaro las URL de la API de gráficos de Facebook para las imágenes? That suggesting to do the following: /?ids=OBJECT_IDS&fields=picture&type=large The thing is that it seems the once the picture is specified as a field like the above the type URL parameter doesn't seem to effect the retrieved picture.

If there is a way to fetch large type pictures of multiple Facebook objects in one request via the graph API please let me know...

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All you really need is the object's id.

  • If its a user then his/her user_id.
  • If its a page then the page_id.
  • etc ...

Once you have that you can simply use this URL to get the large image -

You don't really have to request the large image as you can place this URL directly as a link to the image. In HTML for example -

<img src="" />

The problem with obtaining todos the large images of different types of object is that they are all located at different endpoints. You would be able to get multiple pictures for the el mismo tipo of object. For example -

  • by user_id

    select pic_big from user where uid in(4,5,6)

  • by page_id

    select pic_big from page where page_id in(1,2,3)

  • by event_id

    select pic_big from event where eid in(1,2,3)

  • by group_id

    select pic_big from group where gid in(1,2,3)

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Thank you for your response... that i already know... i want to fetch pictures of few objects in one request... - assaf_miz84

Are you looking for user pictures or page pictures or both? - Lix

Also, is there any reason you have to get all of the images at once? - Lix

thanks again... the thing about the pic_big column is "maximum width of 200px and a maximum height of 600px" is there any relation from page to the photo_id ? in order to use photo_src to get the wanted height & width ... like in picture&height=X&width=Y? - assaf_miz84

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