La colección de Java no tiene Map como parte del marco de la colección [duplicado]

If your look at marco de colección you will see the following, but Map is not in the list of interfaces. While we talk about map we say it is a part of collection framework, so if Map is a part of collection framework then why it is not in the interfaces list.

Interface Collection

All Known Subinterfaces:
    BeanContext, BeanContextServices, List, Set, SortedSet

All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractCollection, AbstractList, AbstractSet, ArrayList, BeanContextServicesSupport, BeanContextSupport, HashSet, LinkedHashSet, LinkedList, TreeSet, Vector 

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"The collection framework" and Collection interface are not the same thing.

Mientras que usted pueden regard a map as a collection of entries, Map doesn't support that directly - you can get a set of entries with the entrySet método.

But fundamentally you need to distinguish between "the collection framework" and the Collection de la interfaz del.

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Maps trabajar con key/value pairs, Mientras que el other collections trabajar con just values. Map maps keys to values. It allows its content to be viewed as a set of keys, a collection of values and a set of key-value mappings.

Check this following link. Answer by oracle.

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It's part of the collection framework but it doesn't implement the java.util.Collection de la interfaz del.

It's a different branch of the hierarchy. If you want, you can view it on the same level of the hierarchy as the Collection interface.

The Collection interface is implemented by (is the root of) List-like Collections while Map is implemented by(is the root of) the KEY-VALUE-like collections.

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Because Map is three collections: Keys, values and key-value pairs.

It's not easy to decide which one should be the default to iterate over, so it implements the interface three times (keySet(), values() y entrySet())

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Programas de Map interface is not an extension of the Collection interface. However, it is a structure for keeping collections of data.

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