Java estático: ¿método o campo o no? [duplicar]

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Inicializador estático en Java

I wondering what this static something (sorry it's my first time encountering this) does for a class or what is its purpose.

    public class SomeClass{

           //this is a static field
           private static String someStaticStringField;
           ... //other static fields

           //what is this?
                 log.debug("Loading config file");
                        Class cls = Class.forName("package.ClassName");  
                        properties = new Properties();


                 } catch(Exception e){
                        log.error("Error in loading config file");


           //this is a static method
           public static String getSomeStaticStringField(){
                  return someStaticStringField;


On general, what does that static{} do and its purpose for the Class? What is the right term to call it? Is it a Class field, a method, or something else? Thanks

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Vea también el tutorial de Java and the section on static intialization blocks. -

the code after the static field, is a static initializer block. See here: más detalles. -

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This is called the static initializer; it is run when the class is first referenced (just like any initialization for static variables, except this allows better initialization as you have a whole block). It is not a method nor a field

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