Dificultad para mostrar cadenas en la aplicación Rails

I am using a simple rails app to read from a text file and display the information on a webpage. the html code is this

 <td><%= application.server %></td>

I am using mysql2 and the column server is a text type. (not string) when I check the database the data in it is of the form "apachetra-137.vm.micronet.net" but on the HTML page, i only get the "micronet" string!! Why does it return me only a part of the string but not all of it since in the database it is stored as whole??

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Quiere decir application.server is returning part of the string? -

hey I had to restart the server! weird! I changes from sqlite to mysql but it didnt work, so I had to restart the server -

ha ha ha... new thing to learn :) Anyway, great that the problem fixed :) -

I'm voting to close this question as no-longer-active because according to comments author has solved his issue, but question still appears in search in spite of it won't receive author's attention anymore. -

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