Ventana de origen de Visual Studio y asignación de teclado de Bootcamp

So I recently bought myself a MacBook Air and I just installed Visual Studio 2012 in bootcamp. The problem now is that the key } is missing from the keyboard layout for some reason. The { key is mapped as ctrl + alt + 7, and since ctrl + alt + 0 was not mapped for anything I downloaded Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator and remapped } to that key combination. This works in every application except Visul Studio source window.

Can anyone tell me a way to fix this? Or maybe some other program that doesn't have this problem?

preguntado el 24 de agosto de 12 a las 10:08

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Found the cause myself. The keybinding was already mapped by default in Visual Studio as view.ViewCode, so I went into Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard and removed that keybinding and it my } now works perfectly!

Respondido 24 ago 12, 11:08

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