Cómo ejecutar diferentes proyectos web en un puerto con Jetty

I have a question about Maven.it's very easy to use Maven+Jetty . If anyone know how to run different web projects in one port with Jetty ? I need to use Jetty ,realize the function that can support hot code and debug project at the same time.

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Suppose the structure is


l_ main-a

l_ main-b

and the main-a is the main module.main-b is for simulating static resource service.you can run two web apps in jetty.

You can deploy jetty in main-a,and after the main-a is done ,then upload main-b

the Xml code:

        <contextHandler implementation="org.mortbay.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext">    

then after main-b generate the war package,execute mvn jetty:run in main-a .then you can run main-a and main-b with jetty at the same time.

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