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I have a question about a view sliding up. The example would be iOS's contacts app. When you want to add a new contact, a view slides up automatically. How do you achieve this? Thank you!

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Check-out the Presenting a View Controller and Choosing a Transition Style section.

Insinuación: UIModalTransitionStyleCoverVertical

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[self.navigationController presentModalViewController:SOMEVIEW animated:YES];

SOMEVIEW just needs to be a uiviewcontroller you created. you're current view needs a navigation controller also.

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That's incorrect. In order to maintain the same transition style, you do not need a UINavigationController. - max_

it's correct if you use the line of code I posted. You can just do [view presentModalViewcontroller: animated:], but the poster asked about 'like iOS contacts' app, which uses a navigation controller and presents a modal onto of it. At least that what it looks like the iOS contact app does. - Augie

Yes, he did, in regards to the transition style (animation), not the actual interface. - max_

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