Cómo usar One Image para admitir todos los dispositivos de pantalla y densidad en Android

Here i develop one android application and i have one image with size 197*253, taht size is used for tablet. but i want to use in small screen device and mobile screen devices. In this case can i use nine-patch image concept.

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Depends on your image. if you post it, perhaps we could help more -

It is like Big Icon .png file -

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Depende de the purpose of your image in your app.

Si es meant to be stretched (Like buttons and layouts' backgrounds), then NueveParcheDibujable is the solution. To convert your .png to a 9-patch, sigue estos pasos.

Si tu imagen es an icon image (like Launcher, Action Bar, Menu and Notification icons), then you should use different .png's for different sizes. You can generate those different sizes manually (by using Photoshop or whatever tool you use to adjust the proper size) or you can use these tools to generate them automatically.

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