gira una imagen de mapa de bits en cualquier grado en blackberry

I am kind of new to Blackberry. I have an Image that I need to rotate to certain degree depending on input from user.. I have tried searching but cant seem to find anything on it. Can any one point me to right direction?

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Sigue estos pasos:

Descargue nuestro Código Postal file from this link: BitmapRotate at down side.

Extract and take the from that add to your project;

and use this code from this link: RotatingBitmap on Blackberry

I think this helps you;


take the below code to for rotate an image from this link:

Bitmap rotation in blackberry

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i use this code but remove transparency please send me another example - Hiresh Bansodkar

Check the update one; Take the zip code and run it; and then let me know. - alishaik786

To get the file from this link: You should have a member in this link; First signUp and then try; - alishaik786

your file is delete form your server send me - Hiresh Bansodkar

Hay una J2ME Army Knife library, revisalo.

It does contain rotate functionality too.

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También puede comprobar este enlace if there are troubles porting some of that J2ME army knife code to be usable with the classes in RIM's libraries (e.g. Bitmap) - Nate

This is a part of KB article in Blackberry .. Pass your bitmap & Angle to this function to get rotated bitmap.

public static Bitmap rotate(Bitmap oldImage) throws Exception 
    int w = oldImage.getWidth();
    int h = oldImage.getHeight();
    int d = Math.max(w, h);
    int amountPxAdded = 0;
    if (w > h) {
        amountPxAdded = w - h;
    Bitmap oldBitmapSquared = new Bitmap(d, d);
    int[] data = new int[w * h];
    oldImage.getARGB(data, 0, w, 0, 0, w, h);
    oldBitmapSquared.setARGB(data, 0, w, 0, 0, w, h);
    Bitmap finalRes = new Bitmap(h, w);
    int fW = finalRes.getWidth();
    int fH = finalRes.getHeight();
    oldImage = null;
    Bitmap rotated = rotateSquareImage(oldBitmapSquared, <Angle>);
    oldBitmapSquared = null;
    data = new int[fW * fH];
    rotated.getARGB(data, 0, fW, amountPxAdded, 0, fW, fH);
    rotated = null;
    finalRes.setARGB(data, 0, fW, 0, 0, fW, fH);
    return finalRes;

private static Bitmap rotateSquareImage(Bitmap oldB, int angle) throws Exception {
    int w = oldB.getWidth();
    int h = oldB.getHeight();
    Bitmap newB = new Bitmap(w, h);
    int[] oldD = new int[w * h];
    int[] newD = new int[w * h];
    oldB.getARGB(oldD, 0, w, 0, 0, w, h);
    int[][] old2d = new int[h][w];
    int[] js;
    int old2dLen = old2d.length;
    int jsLen;
    for (int i = 0; i < old2dLen; i++) {
        js = old2d[i];
        jsLen = js.length;
        for (int j = 0; j < jsLen; j++) {
            js[j] = oldD[i * w + j];
    int[][] rotated = new int[h][w];
    for (int i = 0; i < h; ++i) {
        for (int j = 0; j < w; ++j) {
            rotated[i][j] = old2d[h - j - 1][i];
    old2d = null;
    for (int i = 0; i < h; ++i) {
        for (int j = 0; j < w; ++j) {
            newD[i * w + j] = rotated[i][j];
    rotated = null;
    newB.setARGB(newD, 0, w, 0, 0, w, h);
    return newB;

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What problem you are facing... ? - Shashank Agarval

rotate function how to send <Angle> valuse Bitmap rotated = rotateSquareImage(oldBitmapSquared, <Angle>); and how to use rotateSquareImage function i modify public static Bitmap rotate(Bitmap oldImage, int ang) and pass Bitmap rotated = rotateSquareImage(oldBitmapSquared, ang); but png bitmap not rotat - Hiresh Bansodkar

in place of <Angle> use 90 , & first simply check Are you able to rotate image to 90 or not. Simply use rotate(<Your bitmap object>)> This function will imlicitly call RotateSquare Function to 90. - Shashank Agarval

i check it rotate 90 degree but i want to rotate all angle game run time - Hiresh Bansodkar

Cant you pass a integer variable in place of 90 , & change this int value according to ur business logic. It must rotate to that angle. - Shashank Agarval

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