Establecer un margen basado en una variable agregada a un número

I'm trying to have the margin-bottom of an element being altered to the height of the next() element plus 12px. I tried the following, but this doesn't work.

$("div.entry-content").css("margin-bottom", $(this).next().outerHeight() + 12 + "px");

¿Alguna idea de lo que sale mal?

preguntado el 25 de agosto de 12 a las 15:08

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Prueba esto:

$("div.entry-content").css("margin-bottom", function(){
    return $(this).next().outerHeight() + 12 + "px"

Respondido 25 ago 12, 15:08

@snuffn Yes, I had forgotten to write the return. - Carnero

Works like a charm, thanks! Do you mind explaining why a function is needed? - bram vanroy

@BramVanroy Because this in your code doesn't refer to your desired element, this in the context of the function refers to the selected element, you can read about that in - Carnero

Thanks a lot! Will read it through when I have sufficient time. I bumped into a similar problem. If you have time, please look into it:… - bram vanroy

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