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OK, I need a RegEx that traps the first word up to underscore character but then capture the next words that may have a underscore character. So, here is a group and the expected result:

gear_Armor_Blessed_Robes = "gear", "Armor" and "Blessed_Robes"
gear_Armor_Chain_Coif = "gear", "Armor" and "Chain_Coif"
gear_Armor_Chain_Hauberk = "gear", "Armor" and "Chain_Hauberk"
gear_Armor_Chain_Shirt = "gear", "Armor" and "Chain_Shirt"
gear_Armor_Chain_Leggings = "gear", "Armor" and "Chain_Leggings"

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I have to use RegEx due to the fact it is a program that uses JAVA RegEx but I do not have access to the code. -

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There's no need to use a regex for this, just use indexOf y substring:

String s = "Armor_Blessed_Robes";
int idx = s.indexOf("_");
System.out.println(s.substring(0, idx)); // Armor
System.out.println(s.substring(idx + 1)); // Blessed_Robes

With regex, you'd have to use the following, which is a tad more complicated and harder to read:

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("([^_]+)_(.+)");
Matcher m = p.matcher(s);
if (m.find()) {
  String first =;  // Armor
  String second =; // Blessed_Robes

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Sorry, I had to edit the original post, but this is the closest to what I need. - NeoFax

@NeoFax: Do the new strings always start with gear_? If so, you can easily change the above regex to "gear_([^_]+)_(.+)". - Juan Carlos

Yes they do. The script looks for only the JSON value that begins with gear. Perfect! Your code in your comment works great! Thanks! - NeoFax

@NeoFax I don't quite understand why you'd pick this answer when it requires more work. s.split("_", 2) devolverá una matriz de String { "gear", "Armor", "Blessed_Robes" } - obataku

The reason I chose this one is that I do not have access to s.split. It needs to be RegEx only and Joao's code snippet worked perfectly with the "gear_([^_]+)_(.+)" - NeoFax

You can split along _, limiting the number of splits to 3:

assert Arrays.equals("gear_Armor_Blessed_Robes".split("_", 3),
    new String[] { "gear", "Armor", "Blessed_Robes" });

It should give you a String[] that contains the 3 Strings as specified in your question.

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@veer: Thanks for modifying my code (since the OP changes the question), but please test your code before modifying the code (not that I'm any better). - nhahtdh

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