Generando datos para el desarrollo en django.

To be able to see how my django application looks like, and performs with lots of data, i would like to programmatically generate data in the database. In the django documentation they propose either using fixtures oder SQL statements, but i would rather use a simple python loop to generate thousends of random entries by using the django model classes.

How can i execute such a script? I am using south for database migration, but even there such generation of data seems not to be supported.

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Puedes usar django-whatever (enhanced django-any) - it easily creates dummy data.

Here is my sample (in *app_name*/management/commands/

class Command(BaseCommand):
    args = '[count]'

    def handle(self, count=20, *args, **options):

            i = int(count)
        except ValueError:
            print u'n is to be a number!'

        for _ in xrange(i):
            # you can pass params explicitly
            m = any_model(MY_MODEL_CLASS, image=None)

And so if I need 100 dummy items I run:

$ python dummyitems 100

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To answer your question directly - such scripts are run as comandos de gestión personalizados, but it would be simpler to use a pre-populated database like Northwind. See esta respuesta on how how to implement it for django.

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First Install this package and then Run this code on django shell. It generates fake data for all of your models in project.

from django.apps import apps
from django.conf import settings
from model_mommy import mommy

for app in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
        app_models = apps.get_app_config(app).get_models()
    for model in app_models:
            mommy.make(model, _quantity=100)

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