Herramienta de investigación muy simple en APEX

I am trying to do a very simple "Research" tool in Apex.

What i did so far is

  1. Created a textbox
  2. Created a button with the attribute /Always submit page when enter pressed/
  3. Wrote this query in the report page - Source - Source region


where titre_confer like '%' || :px_2 || '%'"

This is pretty much a table with conferences that are either taught with a film or a person. I am looking to filter the TITLE of the conference. px_2 is my textfield. So, if you enter any letter, it should filter with the right title. The problem is that whenever i click GO, nothing happens. He still shows me the whole list.

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The step and query i wrote are 100% functionnal.

The actual problem was that I had wrote :px_2 but it was :p2_x.

Respondido el 10 de Septiembre de 12 a las 13:09

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