Cómo perfilar la barra de estado en php (al igual que la barra de estado de Linkedin) [cerrado]

How can I develop Profile progress bar on completing profile, which is same as linkedin, through Php. And user completes his/her profile, the status percent(% increases).

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is this a question or a show me how? Have you Googled it? do you have a Start on it? -

Seems to me that it's a pretty simple calculation to figure out the percent completed, then generating an image to reflect that. Which of these steps do you need help with? -

show me. Yes I searched in google but not got proper function. -

@Rishabh please tell us su thoughts on how this should work. -

@Malione maybe not how, but at least the basics. There are people that need the ideea. -

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For a progress bar to work you have to specify some criteria. For example, on SO, if you go to Carreras you will have on you profile a completeness report.

Cada parte del completeness report has certain points or a certain percentage of total amount of points you can earn.

Basado en tu User Profile criteria you can make that progress bar.

Por ejemplo:

$hasCompletedSkill = 10;
$hasCompletedBooks = 15;
$maximumPoints  = 100;
$percentage = ($hasCompletedSkill+$hasCompletedBooks)*$maximumPoints/100;

echo "
    <div style='width:100px; background-color:white; height:30px; border:1px solid #000;'>
    <div style='width:".$percentage."px; background-color:red; height:30px;'></div>


Percent completed

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