Método JQuery Ajax llamado dos veces

I have this function in a jsp which calls a struts2 action. But it calls it twice. Why?


        var inputField= $("#inputField").val();
        if(inputField !== '')
            var url = 'myUrl';
            $.getJSON(url, function(retVal)
                $.each(retVal.retList, function(index, element)

Struts2 Action

public String getJSON() throws Exception
     System.out.println("Method Executed");

Cuando esto ajax call returns, i get this

Method Executed
Method Executed

How can i make this execute only once?

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is this Jquery function also getting called twice? -

Seems like than the action is also getting called from some where else also. -

@UmeshAwasthi The action is not called by any code elsewhere. I have tried returning return false; de $.getJSON call, but still the same issue. -

Its only possible in one case when action is getting triggered twice.If you remove the json call what is the bahaviour? -

@UmeshAwasthi If i remove the JSON call, it is called once. -

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You might using JSON plugin and it's calling all your methods that start with "get" in an attempt to serialize them for output.Try to rename your method name

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Make sure that you only register the the 'change' event once. The reason for the double ajax call is probably that you are adding a change listener twice in the code. Take a look aquí.

contestado el 23 de mayo de 17 a las 11:05

It is only attached once, though the page is reloaded sometimes and i believe all events get unbound when a page reloads using window.location.replace(url);. So this means the event is bound only once. Correct me if i am wrong. - Uchenna Nwanyanwu

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