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I want to code some sort of state machine with different transitions. But something strange happens, when I want to select an item.

var transitions = {
    "on": {

The last two lines are very interresting - the same index, first hardcoded and the second stored within a variable. Why does the first return the right result (false) and the other undefined?

console.log(attr);                             // on
console.log(transitions[attr]);                // Object { false="true, true="false" }
console.log(current_val);                      // "true"
console.log(typeof current_val);               // string
console.log(transitions[attr]["true"]);        // false
console.log(transitions[attr][current_val]);   // undefined

info: I use FF 14.0.1

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If console.log(current_val); produce "true" entonces parece current_val debe configurarse para '"true"', Desde console.log should not print quotes. -

Funciona bien aquí. Can you reproduce your problem in a fiddle? -

Not sure, but using reserved words like that is asking for trouble ;) Still a good question though -

@nneonneo Smart. You should submit that as an answer. -

interesting sidenote (regarding chrome): running the code in an html page (or jsFiddle) gives the desired output, running it completely in the console gives the described output (e.g. undefined para la última fila) -

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Tenga en cuenta que console.log(current_val); salidas "true" to the console. Since console.log doesn't print quotes, it must be the case that current_val contiene '"true"', que no es lo mismo que "true".

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Its because of the fact that true is not evaluated to string in the last statement.

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why not? typeof returns string?! ... How can I cast it to one? console.log(transitions[attr][String(current_val)]); no funciona. - Yaya

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