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¿Hay alguna forma de personalizar el Selector de fechas y/o Vista de calendario such that only specified fields appear. For e.g. in one instance, I'd like to see the DatePicker appear with only the month field showing, in another, I want it to appear with all but the year showing.

I've looked at creating custom controls, but that's really too much. I'm looking for a simple way to extend the existing controls.

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XML attribute..

<DatePicker android:calendarViewShown="false"/>

Usando Java:

Deje que el DatePicker you created has id: d1 so the code follows:

DatePicker selectDate =(DatePicker) findViewById(;

si estas creando DatePicker dinamicamente:

DatePicker selectDate = new DatePicker(this);

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Can anyone please tell me why am I downvoted... I guess this is correct answer and it works. - Veer Shrivastav

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