Generar rastrillo - no funciona

I am installing redmine1.4 and following these step .

I am in 5 step of proceso de instalación

Cuando estoy tratando de hacer rake generate_session_store its saying to install rdoc Please let me know do I really need to create document cant I skip that OR if I need to create docs then how to install rdoc with proper version .

Estoy usando :

    Rails 2.3.14
    RubyGems 1.8
    ruby 1.8.7

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This is not an error message, it's just a naggy warning - your task has probably completed fine (as indicated by the updating of session_store.rb in config/initializers.

This does btw not look like a programming question to me, why not ask on the Foros de Redmine?

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It's just a warning message and you can skip it. Even though you can remove this rdoc message disappear

If you have redmine's trunk version, edit Gemfile and add the following line:

 gem "rdoc", ">= 2.4.2 

Then run bundle install

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